Our Broadband Internet service is now available in East Liberty and surrounding areas


Green Light Wireless now offers its unique Broadband Internet products for home and business. We've spent years developing our broadband network to deliver our fiber network to your door wirelessly. Once our signal hits your location, it's converted back to Ethernet so you can plug in your Wi-Fi router and you're ready to go!
How does it work?  Great question!  We bring the Internet directly into our network over a lightning fast Fiber Optic connection that enters our area in Pittsburgh's North Side. From there, our network remains entirely fiber until the signal reaches a Green Light Wireless receiver, located on radio towers all over the city.
When our broadband service is installed, we mount an antenna at your location that connects directly to the radio tower on our fiber network.


Still have questions?  Give us a call at (412) 228-3000.  We are always happy to answer your questions by phone!