Pittsburgh, PA

May 5, 2013

The Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon was nearly three weeks ago now, but isn't out of anyone's minds yet. A Post-Gazette piece this week named the marathon as "Best Local Event."  We thought it was spectacular, not only for all of the reasons Mr. Reddick explains in his essay, but also because it meant a lot to us here at Green Light Wireless. The marathon was the biggest event yet for Green Light Wireless and it went off without a hitch. 


Welcome to the Green Light Wireless Finish Line Festival


Our service withstood everything our users could throw at it. We had nearly 800 unique users on our free WiFi in the park and more than 50 authorized personnel using it to coordinate very important transactions. We provided Internet service for everything on race day from public safety and medical emergency to runner timing and vendor booths. From early Sunday Morning until the marathon events wrapped at 2 p.m., we transferred more than 10 GB of data. We pulled the internet out of thin air and put it exactly where we wanted it. Cool, right?


But we knew that was going to happen. What was even cooler was getting to know the runners and their fans. The Green Light Wireless Finish Line Festival was the perfect opportunity to catch up with some Green Light Wireless customers while runners and fans alike made use of the handy cellphone charging station at our booth.


Cell Phone and Device Charging Station at the GLW Booth



We met lots of great people all day from all over the country. A bored mom from North Carolina hung out with us for a while. Her story: her son and husband were on their way here from N.C. and had car problems on the way. Mom gave up her weekend ALONE to get them to the race on time. If anyone deserves a medal, it’s her. Unfortunately we only had pens. Some of the relay teams also dropped by early in the day to play corn-hole and hang out. Good people. 


Relay Runners playing Cornhole at the Green Light Wireless Booth


The Hot Spot stickers were really fun. Everyone was wearing them and we heard lots of funny comments. We’re trying to get the events thing just right and don’t want to hand out more “landfill-filler” as some call it. We decided against ordering more plastic tchotchkes to give away at our booth. What kind of giveaways do people like, anyway? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @PGHGreenWiFi. If you took any cool photos, let us know with #HotSpot!


Another Green Light Wireless Hot Spot


It actually kind of surprised us how candid some people were when telling us about their traditional Internet service providers. We didn't hear one positive comment from the crowd. That's why we're here! There's no reason to stay with an ISP that doesn't suit your needs. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to discuss your options, you can reach us at (866) 427-8649.


All in all, we were humbled to be a part of such an impressive event. While thousands of runners sweated and pushed through as much as 26.2 miles, we quietly achieved our goal: to keep everyone involved with the marathon safe, happy, and connected.


Cheers to the Dicks Sporting Good Pittsburgh Marathon! We'll see you at the finish line next year.


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