Wi-Fi HotSpot login tips & tricks

Are you in a Green Light Wireless Wi-Fi HotSpot and want to connect? Select our network as you normally would and open your browser. You'll be prompted to log in. You should be connected!

If you're in a Business HotSpot, like Coffee Tree Roasters, check with them to see if there's a free password available. If you're in a residential Hot Spot, consider one of our Wi-Fi subscription packages

If you've never logged in before and are having issues, here are some handy tips for using our Wi-Fi service:

  • Google Chrome doesn't like to load our log in page. If you prefer to use Chrome, log in with another web browser (Firefox or Safari work well) and then switch to Chrome after you've logged in.
  • Try to load a page that you don't go to often. Cached webpages may trick you into thinking that you're connected to the internet. Your phone or tablet likely remembers what your most frequently visited sites look like. 
  • Don't try to load a secure site.  Only try to load sites that start with http://.  Secure sites that start with https:// won't load our log in page properly.

We strive to make our log in process quick and easy so everyone can enjoy our Wi-Fi HotSpots. But as always, if you ever have any questions, ask us on Facebook or on Twitter @PGHGreenWifi. If you just want to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, give us a call at (412) 228-3000.