Retail HotSpots

Every one of our Wi-Fi HotSpots offers a safe, reliable, secure and high speed connection to the Internet with a user experience tailored to your expectations. We manage each of our Wi-Fi HotSpots so that bandwidth is shared evenly between all HotSpot guests, viruses can't be delivered between computers and your personal data can't be accessed by other HotSpot guests.
As unlimited data goes the way of the dinosaur and social media thrives, offering free Wi-Fi to your customers is a no-brainer. Yet, many business owners have many concerns about offering Wi-Fi to their customers. Because having a Wi-Fi HotSpot is meant to add value to a business and not be a liability, Green Light Wireless manages every aspect of each HotSpot's users' experience such as:
  • A customized login experience
  • Individual user session permissions
  • Length of user sessions
  • Shared access codes
  • Time of day that Wi-Fi is available
  • Driving post-login traffic to the HotSpot host's website
To learn more about how Green Light Wireless can help you offer Wi-Fi access to the customers of your business, call us at (866) 427-8649.