Our off-the-shelf Internet packages are a sample of the kind of speeds and cost you can expect. Additional services available include:

Wireless network consultation and design for new construction and renovation projects

IT support for computer and network needs

24/12/8/4-hour service level agreements

24-hour emergency support from local technicians

Business VoIP SIP trunk and telephone service

Our services are constantly expanding to meet the changing needs of our customers. To learn more about how Green Light Wireless can support your business, call (412) 228-3000.

Tier 1

(up to 5 workstations)

Tier 2

(5+ workstations)

Static IP Addresses


Every new business service requires an Equipment and Installation fee of $350.00 which includes all equipment, technician time and materials to install your new service, and remove our equipment when you’re finished subscribing. The equipment we install belongs to Green Light Wireless and remains our property for the entire time you use it. When you’re finished using our service, we’ll come back and remove our equipment for you at no additional cost. And we must collect our gear before your account is terminated, so don’t forget to schedule your deinstallation when you’re ready to cancel service.

If the service plans above don’t fit your needs, or if you’d like to discuss premium services, give us a call at (412) 228-3000 so we can customize a plan for you.