Our Retail Wi-Fi HotSpots include:

5801 Video Lounge and Cafe Logo

5801 Video Lounge

Friendship Development Associates

Baum Grove

The Coffee Tree Roasters Logo

Coffee Tree Roasters

Commonplace Coffee Logo

Commonplace Coffee Co.

Bitter Ends Garden Luncheonette


South Side Chamber of Commerce

Southside Office Share

Zeke's Coffee Logo

Zeke’s Coffee

To learn more about how Green Light Wireless can help you offer Wi-Fi access to the customers of your business, call us at (412) 228-3000.

Residential HotSpots

This section refers to shared living situations, like apartment buildings and dormitories. For residential service in your personal home, click here.

Everyone living in a multi-unit residence can benefit from Green Light Wireless Residential Wi-Fi! Our Residential HotSpots are outfitted with a building-wide Wi-Fi network that allows you to connect wirelessly.

There is no additional equipment to buy or rent and no need for a service call by a technician. Our Residential Wi-Fi networks are carrier grade and are monitored and managed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Many HotSpot landlords even include a free Wi-Fi account in their lease agreements, allowing their tenants to access our network for free!

Setup your Wi-Fi account now at my.greenwifi.com.

If you’d like more information about how your residential facility can benefit from our Wi-Fi Internet access, or if you’re a landlord and you’d like to offer our Wi-Fi service to your tenants, please call us at (412) 228-3000.

Our Residential Wi-Fi HotSpots include:

Amberson Towers (5 Bayard Road)

Bellevue Mansions (440 Jefferson Ave)

Brett Apartments (5715 Ellsworth Ave)

Carol Apartments (58 S. Fremont Ave)

Cornell Place (20 Cornell Place)

Dawson Village (3429 Dawson Street)

Shamrock Apartments (72-76 S. Fremont Avenue)

Thames Manor (585-587 S. Negley Ave)

…and many more

Prepaid Wi-Fi Packages

Wi-Fi access is sold in pre-paid blocks of time designed so you only pay for the time you need. You can create your account right now from the User Portal at my.greenwifi.com and add time to your account instantly. You’ll be online at your favorite Wi-Fi HotSpot in minutes!

Green Light Wireless Wi-Fi accounts can be created at my.greenwifi.com. After you’ve created your account you can add additional time incrementally as often as you’d like. Your account expiration date/time will be adjusted accordingly. You can always reference your expiration date/time from the User Portal.

Wi-Fi Package Pricing

$9.89 / 2 hours
$11.89 / day
$19.89 / week
$25.89 / month
$74.89 / quarter
$259.89 / year