What should you expect when signing up for Home Internet service through Green Light Wireless?

Safe and secure installation from a credentialed technician, including pre-installation consultation

An installation time that fits your schedule

Internet access before we drive away

Network advice from our local customer support staff

No contracts, no lease fees, no hassle after installation

To schedule your installation or to get more information,
call (412) 228-3000.



Up to 2 active users
Perfect for someone who lives alone or with a housemate.



Up to 4 active users
Great for families and shared homes with housemates.



Unlimited users
The ideal plan for a larger household that needs unrestricted bandwidth.

Every new residential service requires an equipment lease and installation fee of $250.00, which includes all equipment, technician time, and materials to install your new service. Unlike other ISPs that charge monthly lease fees for the entirety of the service contract, we charge a simple one-time fee. 

Certain customers may be eligible for equipment and installation (E&I) fee assistance. Ask your Green Light Wireless representative what options are available so E&I isn’t a deal-breaker.

If you choose to discontinue service with Green Light Wireless, we’ll come back and remove our equipment for you at no additional cost. We must collect our gear before your account is terminated, so don’t forget to schedule your de-installation when you’re ready to cancel the service.